How to Sync Your Contacts With Google and Microsoft 365 in the Mongotel Softphone App

Contact syncing is one-directional. When syncing contacts in the Mongotel Softphone App, contacts will only be downloaded. The existing contacts you have saved to your local device will not be uploaded to your Google or Microsoft accounts.

The Mongotel Softphone App is a great way to keep connected to your colleagues and customers—but you’ll need to import their contact information to your device first! This process guide will walk you through the ins and outs of syncing your local device with your cloud contacts in Google and Microsoft.

Table of Contents


Step 1: Click the Settings icon.

The Settings icon.

Step 2: Click “Accounts.”

The Accounts tab (outlined in red).

Step 3: Click the “Sign in with” button for either Google or Microsoft.

Step 4: In the same window, sign in.

Step 5: Use the dropdown menu to view your synced contacts.


Step 1: Tap the Contacts icon.

Step 2: Tap “Address Book” and the tap either “Google” or “Office 365.”

Step 3: Sign in with Google or Office365.


Step 1: Tap “Contacts.”

Step 2: Tap either Google or OFfice365 and then “Sign In.”

Step 3: Tap “Continue.”

Step 4: Continue the sign-in process in Google or Microsoft.


And that’s it! Your Google Contacts and Microsoft 365 contacts should now appear in the Mongotel Softphone App. Keep in mind that the Mongotel Softphone App only saves data to your local device, so you will have to repeat this process for each of your devices.

Having Trouble? Contact Support!

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